March 28, 2012

Let the rain come!

Drive a few hours and the weather can be so different! I hear from friends on Facebook, only a few hours away, and it's like night and day when it comes to our weather. Theirs, snow storm. Mine, sunny spring day. What?? A few days ago on our trip, we had a rainy day and it literally rained all day long, non stop. We come home and today it started to rain but off and on and nothing that drenched us. Of course rain here is usually like that, sporadic and off and on intensity. So when we left and had the non stop downpour, it was different. But I love rain in general so it didn't bother me. It smells so good after it rains! I can't ever get enough of it. It makes life greener and cleaner. When the rain stops the birds sing more sweetly and the air smells open and fresh. As a bonus too, the other day we saw not one, but TWO rainbows next to each other! I couldn't tell you the last time I saw one rainbow, let alone two. They were breathtaking. What a way to ring in the new week!

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