October 19, 2011


I've been feeling extremely grateful to have a job. I've known many people who have been without a job for months and years. There comes a time when they are willing to take a job, any job, they can to take care of those they love. Being without a job is hard, in more ways than one. Thinking about that makes me count my blessings that I do have a job. I may have one of those Baggage Porter Jobs and I may not work for a big company. But I do love what I do and I love being able to provide for my family. Hopefully I keep my job for as long as I need it and nothing goes wrong. Not that I forsee anything going wrong but you never know what a company would do and what cutbacks they might need to make. That doesn't mean I won't give it my all in the meantime. I'll still love what I do!

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