August 14, 2011

Went out

We were able to go out of town recently and it was a nice trip. We visited my husband's family and it had been awhile so it was fun catching up a little with everyone. My husband's family is pretty great and I enjoy talking with them and of course my husband loves it too. The kids had a blast playing with cousins they see most often and trying to play with others they don't see as frequently. I love watching my kids get excited to play with cousins. They can't get enough of them and it's hard to tear them away when it's time to go. I remember that when I was younger, playing with cousins. Sadly, I didn't get to see mine very often so I wasn't really close with any of them. But nonetheless, it was still fun when we could get together. As parents we try to go to as many family outings as we can so our kids get to know their relatives but on a student income it's hard. But, we're content with what we can do. :)

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