May 03, 2011

Murky mess

I worked on a crafty project over the weekend (shocking I know) and I'm pretty sure it made me sick. I really enjoyed doing it so I'm not complaining. But, I've learned a lesson. My craft was to make 25 blocks of wood, cut them to the right size, sand and paint them, mod podge on a picture, then add a bow. After two days and a lot of hours, I finished the blocks. They aren't as perfect looking as I would have liked (where I found the idea, she did an AWESOME job) but they were still pretty cute. But I made one mistake, sort of. When I was sanding and painting the blocks I made sure to do them outside and not in an enclosed space. There was even a slight breeze when I was working, so I thought I was doing everything right. No, not so much. I SHOULD have worn a mask to protect my mouth and nose and I SHOULD have worn goggles to protect my eyes. The sawdust wasn't as bad as the spray paint though. My face especially took a long time to get clean and TMI, my nose in particular. If it was in my nose, it got into my system, no doubt. But, I didn't think it was too bad until the end of the day. My head started to hurt and I felt like I was spinning. By late evening my throat was killing me and it felt like my head was going to explode. By Sunday I was completely sick. BUT my blocks were done and I'm proud of myself for finishing them. I'll post pics on my other blog soon if you want to see them!

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