November 14, 2010

It's not going well

Over the last little while, my health has been more on my mind. I'm not very happy with myself and the amount of weight I've gained since having a baby. It's my own fault and I know the only way anything is going to change is if I do something about it. Sure I've wondered, do diet pills work? If I exercise X amount of hours every week, will that help? What foods am I eating that's making me unhealthy? I've been asking myself a bunch of questions trying to get to the bottom of why am at where I am and what I can do to change it. The bottom line of it all, is my attitude. I don't have a can do attitude but that's changing. I've decided to become a doer and not let anything hang over my head. I'd been telling myself for weeks to clean my fridge. Never got done. Until a few days ago when I told myself to just do it. And I did. Awesome!! So that's my new attitude and so far, I'm going more done than I ever would have otherwise.

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