November 01, 2010

Dead tired

I have been so incredibly tired lately it's not even funny. No, I'm not pregnant. :P I don't know what it is. Sure, I've started working but that's only part time. Sure, I do about a million other things but what parent doesn't? Nothing is really too out of the ordinary that's why I don't understand why I can fall asleep without even realizing it. My body literally shuts down and even if I wanted to do something, I can't. I have to take a cat nap and then I feel like I can function again. Dang, I hate feeling so tired. I wish the baby would sleep better at night, that has to be a huge part of it. But even when she's asleep, I'm not. I haven't felt very settled at night. Maybe that's the problem. I need to look into finding ways to help me calm down during the night so my mind isn't racing and so I'm not worried about waking up in a few minutes to a crying baby. Hopefully she and I can sleep better soon. We both need rest!

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