August 16, 2010

Open house

We were out driving one day and saw a home with a sign on it saying "Model Home." I drove by it a few times before I told my husband, "hey, maybe it would be fun to just look at it." I'm beginning to regret my decision because we totally fell in love with the house! We fell in love with a house we can't afford now and not even in the near future. It was beautiful and I can't get it out of my head. It was filled with modern furniture and appliances. LOVED the master bedroom and the downstairs with all it's possibilities. The guy showing the house gave us a lot of good information but it made me sad to hear how excited the girls were. They kept running around saying "we're so excited that we might get to live here!" One day girls, one day. And in the mean time, no more looking at model homes. :P

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