June 01, 2010

Weather or not

We've been cooped up lately, too much. Yes, we've been unpacking and organizing our home, but I feel like a caged bird lol. And if I feel like that, I bet my kids do too! We've had a lot of appointments to go to, so technically, we have been out of the house. But it's not the same as let's say, going to the park.

I wanted to get out a few days ago but alas, the girls got pink eye. Never had pink eye before. Never want it again either. J was sick first, then she got pink eye. Then A got pink eye and then she became sick. Thankfully, none of the rest of us picked it up, at least not yet. So, we've been indoors the last few days so we didn't spread it around.

Yesterday, we decided to grill up some hot dogs so we stepped outside for a few minutes to do that. It's been raining off and on and the air smelled really good! Going out for just a few minutes really refreshed me and I think the girls too. You can only be cooped up so long before you need some fresh air! Hopefully in the next day or two we can really get outside. :)

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