June 06, 2010

New place, new stuff

Since we're in our new place, we've wanted to buy some new things. We have more room for things like pictures. But we don't have a ton of pictures so we might end up buying more frames to utilize the extra wall space. Anything thing is we have a larger patio. We've talked about maybe getting some inexpensive patio furniture and how nice it would be to sit outside once in awhile but we haven't found anything in our college-budget-price-range lol. It's just fun to have extra space to do new things in a new place. All those little details that make your house your own you know? :)

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Cami Jo said...

How fun to be somewhere with more space! I know how ya feel! You'll have to hang out with Jacy when the get back from Twin, now that she'll be living in your old apt! I love her, and you will too! And, by the way, we live in Heber. It's about 20 minutes outside of Park City, or if you go the other way, it's about 20 minutes from Provo....(through the provo canyon.) We love it here so far. If you ever take a trip this way, stop by!!!! We'd love to have company!