April 02, 2010

Making good choices

I've mentioned before that this year we've really been pushing getting out of debt. Step one, pay off our car and no longer have a car payment. That we did! Oh, it feels so good to not have a car payment! Step two, pay off credit card. This one, if everything works out right, we'll have paid off before the end of the year. Step three, eat out less. I'm proud to say we're doing really well with this one! Step four, don't make any big purchases unless we absolutely have to. So far, that one is going well too although I was very tempted to buy a new kitchen table recently. It was on sale and it's been the ONLY table I've liked. So that's our plan, we didn't use goodsamfinancecenter.com to figure out our finances, although we could have. We're just doing what we think is best for us. So far so good!

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