January 09, 2010

The last round

School starts Monday. I really can't believe that school starts again this Monday. That's the day after tomorrow! My three week break is almost over. My days of sleeping in and kicking my feet up when I feel like it are almost over. *sigh* I've had the best break though. The holidays together with my family were wonderful. It's been so much fun being home and doing what ever we felt like. The girls have really enjoyed it too and they're not any more ready for me to go back then I am.

It's hard to hear my girls tell me they don't want me to go back. It breaks my heart to have to be gone so much when school is going. This semester will be the worst because it's my last one which means more class time and more time away from home. But I'm going to do everything I can to spend the little time I do have with my girls and really make the most of it. It won't be easy, juggling a tough semester, a clinical, and a new baby, but I know this is what I'm supposed to do and things are going to be ok. It might be crazy here and there but we'll make it work.

So to you new semester: You don't scare me. Bring it on! :D

And to you blog: you're going to be on the back burner. But I still love you. :D


Beth said...

You go girl! I wish you luck with the new semester. What a since of accomplishment you'll feel in four(ish) months when you can say you're done with classes!!

Natalie said...

Good luck!

Scott and Kel said...

I'm excited you are so close to the end!! Good luck with everything...be sure to at least let us all know when that sweet little girl arrives! It will all be over before you know it :)