October 29, 2009

Today has been so so long!

I went to bed at 1am last night because I was studying for two tests I had today. I didn't leave my studying to the last minute, I just never feel 100% prepared so I continue to cram until the very last moment. I woke up early to study a little more but didn't get much done before I had to leave (have to be a mom first!). I went to school, took my test, then had class for a couple of hours. Grabbed a quick bite to eat, can't go long without eating when pregnant, and started to review for my second test of the day. This one didn't go well.

I was reviewing with a fellow classmate and I forgot most everything. I forgot! (I actually wonder if I over-studied :P) Argh! I was so frustrated and felt like crying. I felt like the biggest dork and it didn't help my teacher walked in right before my test was to start ready to go. Thankfully, he gave me some time to go out in the hall and take a breather and he even said I could take the test another time. But dragging out any test is not worth it! This one was dragged out for a week because I was sick. I finally just decided to do it and pray for the best. I passed thank goodness!!

After that test, I rewarded myself with a candy bar that my awesome husband packed in my lunch. Then, a few more hours of class and I was done with my school day. I was exhausted after being on campus for seven hours and I was hungry, but I couldn't go home yet. I had to meet my dad at the hospital for his visit with a pulmonologist. A few hours there and then I was finally able to go home! Finally, I can sit down and rest and go to bed early. Seriously, ten hours out of the house and away from my family was not fun. Man, I'm so tired. I'm definitely going to bed early tonight. I can't do anymore today. :P


Beth said...

Yes, that sounds like a LONG day!! And ugh, that story about the test makes me glad I'm not in school anymore! Hope tomorrow is very relaxing for you (at least in comparison to today, yikes). Sweet dreams!

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