July 14, 2009

Feeling blah during mealtime

I haven't had much of an appetite for food lately. No, I'm not using an appetite suppressant. Just nothing sounds really good. I go through periods where anything sounds appetizing and I like those times. But times like now, where not even cold cereal sounds good, yeah, not so much fun. I think I need to keep branching out and finding new meal ideas. Part of the problem is probably because we tend to eat a lot of the same kinds of foods. Foods that begin to taste bland after awhile you know? I think I'll work on that this week, finding new meals to make. I'll try almost anything at this point lol.


Darci and Ryan said...

I know what ya mean about being stuck in a rut. Thanks for sharing all your ideas though!

Johnson's said...

Hey Michelle...haven't seen you at church for a little bit. I caught you on Cami's blog. So, I decided to snoop at your life. Brooklynn said she got to play with you guys today, and loved. We really need them to play more. Hey are you pregnant? Just teasing...but your loss of appetite would sound fishy. See ya round.