May 13, 2008

Need a vacation soon?

I know of only one person who has actually gone to Branson, Missouri. But for everyone else, let me tell you about all the fun and excitement that happens in Branson. First off, there are so many fun attractions for the whole family. Whether you want to take a scenic railroad ride, or visit the State Marina, or go go-carting, or visit an IMAX theater, or hit the mall, there’s fun for everyone. Worried about lodging? Not a problem in Branson because they have so many luxury places for you to stay in, whether it be a condo, hotel, or a resort. I was just looking at all the shows they have and wow, is the list long. I’d love to see the 12 Tenors or Andy Williams. Oh! They have a Red Skelton Tribute Show! That man is a hoot! I haven’t heard something of his in a long time. Maybe I’ll book me a trip to Branson just to see that! lol But really, all of this is the making of a perfect vacation so be sure to look them up the next time you’re ready to pack up and go somewhere.

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