February 22, 2008

Over and over and over again

I've heard about other kids going through that repetitive stage, but I had never experienced it, until now. Little Miss A is in love with the movie "Finding Nemo" and wants to watch it all day, every day. She even goes as far as to get mad when it's paused to eat lunch. I do let her watch it once a day but no more. You know you've seen a movie one too many times when you and your husband start quoting passages like, "can't hear you Peach." I like the movie and all, but it's starting to wear on me.

Adding to our ferris wheel of repetitiveness has to be the "Swing Swing" song by the All-American Rejects. Again, I like this song, but you can only listen to it so many times. We have it on CD in our car and that's the first thing the girls ask to listen to. They'd listen to it over and over again if I let them, but I'm not that nice. ;) I'm thinking we need a FHE lesson on moderation. Do you think I could convince a three and two year old to do things in moderation? lol


Julie Artz said...

I think Nemo is the ubiquitous "repeat offender" these days--my kids love it too and demand it more often than I care to admit.

At one point, our copy "disappeared" while we were on vacation in the mountains and although we surmise that a mouse might have made off with it (being shiny and all), I also secretly suspect that my darling husband might have run it over with his car when I wasn't looking!

My kids have, for the moment, diverted their attention to Ice Age, so I'm guessing I'll be sick of that one really soon too...

:) Julie

Rachel said...

It's Blues Clues at my house. I've started humming the theme song as I clean.