February 12, 2008

My blog and it's ads

I know that many people don't like pulling up a blog and seeing more advertisements than actual posts. My blog, as of late, has been like that and I want to say a few things about it. First and foremost, I write those posts because they bring in income for my family. Sometimes even I get sick of doing them but we need the money so I keep at it.

With that said, if you don't like the ads, I wouldn't mind a bit if you skipped over them and read my regular posts. If you have trouble distinguishing between the ads and the regular stuff, here's a few things to help you. All of my ads have a link to a website/product. In the past I've always highlighted that link but as of today, I'm changing from highlighting it, to italicizing.

Know that in some of my regular posts I have links to other websites too, whether for a fun giveaway or just something interesting to read, and these links I will leave highlighted. I hope this helps my readers. I know my blog has been far from interesting lately, but bear with me. I'm burnt out from a lot of things and I'm trying to find my way back to the good stuff. :)


Rachel said...

I don't mind the ads. I do them too. I think its great to have something to make money and still be able to focus on being a mom.

Good luck with everything. It's hard when things get overwhelming.

Lei said...

Life gets crazy sometimes. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

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