February 04, 2008

Monday Movie Review

Here's a list of the movies we've watched recently. Hopefully there's one you'd like to watch too!

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix": Although it was far, far from the book, I did like this one. Richard and I liked it better than the last movie, true, but it's not one I would recommend young children watching. 3 quacks.

"Wives & Daughters": Molly's life becomes very eventful as her father decides to remarry. As others start confiding in her, people begin to misinterpret Molly's actions. The movie was somewhat interesting but I felt it didn't flow together. For being over six hours long, I thought I'd get more from it. Though I didn't care for it, I do have friends that loved it. I liked the last hour if that counts. lol 2 quacks.

"Knights of the South Bronx": Ted Danson plays the role of a business man who changes jobs and teaches inner city kids from the Bronx. He struggles in the beginning trying to get the fourth grade kids to listen to him but through the game of chess, they come together. Minus the children swearing off and on, we did like this movie. It was a good one time watch. 3 quacks.

"Counterstrike": Thomas and Vince, two brothers who don't get along, end up trying to save Mrs. President of the United States and other important delegates aboard the Queen Elizabeth II. The movie was pretty clean other than the violence of good guy vs. bad guy. Another one that I didn't think flowed together but a good one time watch. 3 quacks.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman": I've finally finished all six seasons and I would highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't watched the show. It's easy to get reeled into the lives of the characters in Colorado Springs. Seasons 1-4 are my favorite, but 5 & 6 were good too. 5 quacks.

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movies": These are two, made for TV films, that came out awhile after the show ended. The first movie, "The Movie," Michaela and Sully's daughter is kidnapped and they have to go to Mexico to find her. This one kept me on the edge of my seat because I can't imagine losing a child. The second movie, "The Heart Within," deals with Colleen graduating from medical school and an illness with Michaela's mother. Both movies tie off some loose ends but I was still sad to have it done with. The only other downside was Joe Lando's hair. Sorry, I prefer his hair over the wig he wore in these two movies. lol 5 quacks.

"Batman Begins": Not one I will buy or watch again. Some parts were ok but most of the movie was too creepy and dark for me, so I'd rather not even talk about it. 1 quack.

"Transformers": I didn't think I would like this but I really did. There was one scene I didn't like at all and why they put it in there, I'll never know. But overall, the movie was really good. I know my husband wants to buy it, but we won't due to that one scene. 4 quacks.


Natalie said...

Wow! You've been super busy watching movies!

I've given you an award, come one over! :)

Natalie said...

I mean come "on" over, not "one." Oops!

Natalie said...
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Lei said...

I got one review for you... don't see Cloverfield. Maybe it was the bad penne with pesto I'd eaten for dinner, but I thought it was slow. Thumbs down!

Michelle said...

Lei - Thanks for the heads up. I can't stand slow movies. :P