February 29, 2008

I need a sickie torpedo

It would be very effective, yes? Here's to hoping because something has been trying to creep up on us all week. The only one to be slightly affected has been myself, but yesterday Miss A started coughing and today Miss J has a fever. I am partially to blame though, we had a busy day yesterday and all the going-going probably did us in.

I hope whatever it is it's not the lovely flu that's going around. I have math homework that needs to be done. Have you ever tried to do math while sick? See, I do need a sickie torpedo. Wouldn't you buy one? I could create a mass production line and sell them by the millions! I'd even throw in a candy bar to the first 50 customers! It would be huge! Nothing like you've ever seen! Incredible! No more sickies! Woohoo!

Maybe I should wait until after we feel better....*sigh*


Beth said...

Send me one of those torpedos when you get one; Logan has been miserable the past couple days. (And that candy bar would be nice right about now, too. For me, having had to deal with the sick kid.)

I hope your girls start feeling better, and you, too! I probably shouldn't have complained first off in my comment, 'cause you've got it worse. Math homework is enough to make your head spin without the addition of illness.

And have I told you lately? You write cute posts, Michelle -- I like it. :-)

Whitney said...

Oh no!! I hope you all feel better soon. And, I'd buy your torpedo. ;-)

Natalie said...

I hope you guys don't get too sick!