February 26, 2008

Belated Movie Review

Guess what? I think watching movies has turned into my newest hobby. lol There are quite a few this week, which is why this is late, but, I hope you find something you like. If there's one you would/would not recommend, feel free to mention it too :)

"The Lake House" - I've watched this before and really liked it, so I ordered it again. It's about a woman (Sandra Bullock) and a man (Keanu Reeves), who both had lived in the same house. The catch? She's living in 2006 and talking to him, living in 2004. The movie is good, other than the swearing, and although the ending had some loopholes, it was a very enjoyable watch. Plus, it has a happy ending and those are my favorites. :)

"A Room With a View" - Ugh. I kept hearing how good this movie was, but it was terrible. I know it's based on the supposed incredible novel by E.M. Foster, but I don't recommend it at all. The beginning was slow and rather stupid IMO. Two ladies are complaining that their hotel rooms don't have a view and two men, kindly, switch rooms with them so they can. There was one part that was so appalling to me and that was when you see three gentleman go swimming in the buff. No, you don't just see their backsides, you see pretty much everything. I was totally disgusted and could care less the movie received an Oscar. :P

"Romancing the Stone" - Another ugh. I watched all of ten minutes before having to turn this off. In those ten minutes, I saw two people get killed, one person was kidnapped after first being smacked in the head with a rock from a boy's sling shot, and a lady in a wet shirt allowing you to see everything. Why anyone thought this would make a good show, I'll never know.

"Becoming Jane" - I've made it known more than once that I love Jane Austen. So when I heard about this movie, I was stoked! My favorite author and one of my favorite actress's, Anne Hathaway, were coming together. But sadly, this did not turn out the way I had hoped. First, I don't think this was the best part for Hathaway, as much as I like her. Second, the swearing and sexual references (some were even more mature than me! lol) were a huge turn off, as they always are. You also see the backside of naked men going swimming. Anyway, I find the story of Jane Austen's life interesting but more interesting to read the facts about it instead of what the movie eluded to.

"Evan Almighty" - At first, I didn't want to see this because it sounded like it was mocking the story of Noah. But a good friend said it wasn't like that, so we rented it. It actually wasn't that bad and only had a few swear words. Steve Carell plays Evan and I thought he was hilarious. We had a number of good laughs with this movie. The one thing that I didn't like was seeing Carell in the nude. (Boy, I sure know how to pick them!) He was behind a bush and you don't see anything other than his upper torso and legs, but still.

"Aeon Flux" - Add this to my terrible-movies-list. I ended up fast forwarding through most it. The storyline was about Aeon, a woman part of an underground rebellion, who is told to assassinate the city's top official. There was just too much violence for me and the skimpy attire didn't help either. I won't watch it again.

"A Wedding for Bella" - Dominic is a hardworking man who is friends with Bella, a mother-like figure to him. She becomes very ill and Dominic will do anything to see her happy. The one thing Bella wants is for her daughter, Lucca, to be married. So Dominic tries to convince Lucca to marry him so Bella will be happy before she dies. The storyline was sweet, what Dominic was trying to do, but there were too much sexuality and language for me to recommend this one.

"Devil Winds" - Peter Jensen is a tornado watcher and ends up losing his wife to one. He and his daughter have conflicts because of that tragedy but end up coming together when another big tornado is about to hit the area. I wasn't real impressed with this, but it was ok for a one time watch. I don't like movies that skip around instead of flow from scene to scene and this one did not flow. There is a intimacy scene and action, but not much else. Like I said, it's ok to watch once, but not one I will buy.

"Persuasion" (1995 version) - This is my new favorite movie and I don't recall seeing anyone naked. Woohoo! This is of course, based on Jane Austen's novel and it was so good. I watched it probably five times before returning it. The story is about Anne, a young girl who falls in love with a young sea captain. But her family persuades her to break off their engagement because of his lowly situation. Anne's father and sister drove me to want to reach through my TV screen and strangle them. People like them unnerve me to no end. lol Anyway, Anne's love comes back as a wealthy sea captain and the story continues with them deciding whether or not they still feel the same way after eight years. If you like Jane Austen, you will like this movie. There are other versions, but this is the first I've seen and it was worth it. There is some language, but the rest was clean. So hurry up and go see this and tell me what you think!

"P.S. I Love You" - I had a girl's night out and we saw this in the theater. The pros: the romance between Holly and Gerry was adorable and what he did for her after he passed away was very touching. The cons: the swearing, the naked backside of a man walking out of the shower (seriously, I couldn't believe I watched yet another movie with a naked backside!), and the adult sexual content, especially in the beginning of the movie. With that said, I would watch it again but only with my parental guardian on my DVD player activated and a remote to fast forward through a few parts. This was funnier than I imagined it would be too. Some parts we were laughing so hard there were tears in our eyes, while other parts were really sad.

"Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie" - This is the first movie we took our kids too in the theater since they were babies. The girls enjoyed it and hubby and I did too. I love what the Veggie Tales creators can come up with it, they are so funny! This movie takes your three lovable veggies Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Pa Grape back in time to help save a prince and princess from their evil uncle. It was a fun family movie and we recommend it!


Kara said...

Wow, you sure picked a lot with naked men lol ;) The only one of those I've seen is The Lake House, and I really liked it too. Glad to know about some of those so I won't see them :)

Natalie said...

I'm just responding to your question about Josh or I riding motorcycles. I don't, they scare the poop out of me. Josh wants to but I'm a brat and say NO! His older brother does though, that's who put the helmet on her and took the pic. :)

Michelle said...

Kara - I wasn't planning on watching movie about naked men, it just worked out that way. :P

Natalie - they scare me too. My husband wanted to buy a scooter and even those worry me. I'm scared though because my brother was in a serious motorcycle accident and it was awful what he went through.

Stacey said...

Gosh that is a lot of nudity Michelle! ;)

I haven't seen any of those but I want to see PS I love you. Just because I like Gerard Butler.

Jen said...

Thanks for the reviews! I totally trust your judgement and I am glad that you were the butt screener for me ;) heh heh.
I bought the kids "Flushed Away" last week when I got really sick, it's a way cute movie, I'd recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.