January 22, 2008

It's a freeze-the-snot-in-your-nose kind of day

I thought about attempting to write something witty and funny but all I have is cold weather and snot. You're thrilled and you know it. ;)

So this morning I wake up and like normal the house is a bit nippy. A few quick flips and the heaters turn on and warm the place up. I get ready and head outside to catch my ride to school and when it happens. You know it's cold when you end up with glaciers in your nose after being outdoors all of thirty seconds. (Note to self, blow nose prior to exiting the house.) It felt around 10 degrees, but a local bank sign declared -5, while some students said it was 10 below zero. It was cold, to say the least.

But then I notice something while waiting for my class. Everyone at school is talking about how cold it is. There's nothing strange about this except that I had to stifle a laugh every time I heard someone say "man it's cold outside! Do you know how cold it is?" Um, well, no. I actually wasn't outside just a minute ago forcing my legs to walk in a straight line. Nope, I decided to use my Star Trek transporter room that I picked up from a recent trip to a Trekkie convention, which I placed conveniently in my bedroom, and beamed right over this morning. So no, what's the weather like?

The, "I'm so cold," was pretty funny too. Someone would say it and look as if they expected a reply. You're cold you say? We'd better be sure because I haven't been outdoors in the last two and a half minutes, so maybe the weather changed. I see you're shivering, ok. Your face is red and your lips are a tad purple, ok. Now lean your head back and let's check that nose...yep, you're cold. Glad we cleared that up.

Maybe we just don't have anything better to talk about and the weather is our last resort. Or in this case, maybe talking about it warms us up. Or perhaps there's an internal debate over why we feel the need to state the obvious. (I've done it twice today, three times if you include this post.) Maybe it goes back to our childhood...unresolved feelings...hmmm. ;)


Ginabear said...

I absolutely love the way you write!! When I am laughing 2 hours later, it must really be funny! I can totally picture the icicles:)

Beth said...

You totally made me LOL (really!) at that first line. I AM thrilled!! :-D

I have noticed that weather is one topic that perfect strangers can comfortably "break the ice" (ha ha! Break the ice!) with. I remember taking a walk the day after a big thunderstorm and several people who I saw out commented on it -- "sure a big storm we had yesterday, eh?" Weather's the kind of thing that brings us all together, a shared experience of happiness or misery. :-)

Also, I SO know the sensation of freeze-your-snot cold. It has been that cold here for the past five days or so. BRRR. I am so cold; do you KNOW how cold it is out there?? LOL

Michelle said...

Gina - maybe I should invest in nose-icicle trimmers. Do you think they would be next to the nose hair trimmers?

Beth - Why NO I don't know how cold it is out there. You should tell me. ;)

Natalie said...

Oh my...you probably don't want to know the image that came to my mind while reading this...but I'll tell you anyway. LOL! Today I packed the kids in the car to get the mail...sounds lazy, huh? Well, mail isn't delivered to houses here so we had to go to the post office. See, I'm not totally lazy...I'm saying this to convince myself BTW. Just as I put Josie in her seat she sneezed and the biggest snot bubble ever shot out. So when I read your post my mind pictured that freezing. I wish it had, it was so gross to clean up. LOL! See told you you probably wouldn't want to know. It's a day for TMI, hehehe.

Qtpies7 said...

You aren't supposed to state the obvious? How else would anyone know what was going on?

Michelle said...

Natalie - Yeah, sounds lovely, made me gag. LOL

Qtpies7 - lol, it's true, some of us are completely oblivious. I've had my fair share of those moments.

Lei said...

LOL... witty and funny accomplished!