January 12, 2008

But mom, I don't want to go!

Ok, it's not that bad, but I wouldn't mind having another week off before going back to school. We've been sick twice over break which stopped us from getting more done than we wanted but that's how things happen sometime. We did pay fees yesterday and finished buying our books. I managed to buy the wrong book for one of my classes but thankfully my husband noticed and we bought the right one. That would have been awkward come Thursday. lol

I've been worried about our Tuesdays and Thursdays because they're our craziest days. We realized we'd be making four trips to and from school with our schedule. But a wonderful friend just called me and said she could save us two of those trips! That's a huge blessing! Plus, we have a neighbor who is willing to take the girls for a few hours when our classes overlap and all I need to do is babysit for her in return. So no babysitting fees there.

Everything is falling into place and I know this is right for us. All we're waiting on now is a job then we're set. Hubby has had one interview and we're hoping he hears back this next week. Keep your fingers crossed!


Beth said...

I'm glad things are working out for you guys! Good luck with the new semester.

Ginabear said...

Yay Michelle! Sounds like you are being blessed left and right! I know school and work is hard to juggle but you are on the right path and I know Heavenly Father is so proud of you! Hang in there sweetie!