December 05, 2007

What to do when you hear a fire alarm

First, look around at all of your fellow college classmates with a puzzled expression. Second, wait a few moments then send two people to investigate. Third, upon their return and declaration that the loud noise is indeed a fire alarm going off, slowly gather your supplies. Fourth, casually meander out of your classroom and walk outside. Fifth, while outside, stand very close to the building to shelter yourself from the wind. Sixth, continue to have a confused look on your face along with irritation for having to stand in the cold. Seventh, rejoice when the alarm stops and you can go back inside to receive more mounds of homework.

You know, when I'm all done with school I may not remember anything I learned, but I will remember days like these. lol


Ginabear said...

That rocks Michelle, I cant wait to start school myself so I can have memories like these!!!

Beth said...

You are SO right! This is taking me back to my college experience -- it's JUST like this!

I like the way you wrote this, too. It was clever and cute. :-D