December 12, 2007

Finals are here

Two finals remaining; one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. I'm amazed at how fast this semester has flown by! I have learned many new ideas and concepts and have loved it. The only thing that I have struggled with is my anatomy and physiology class. That test is on Monday and I'm praying I pass. Other than that, I'm looking forward to our break and the upcoming semester. I have hardly been on but soon I will be back. Then, maybe I can get some comment-love. :D


Kate said...

Good luck with your finals! *HUGS*

Beth said...

I so admire you for balancing school and mommyhood. Yay; you're almost done with another semester! Good luck on your finals!!

J-Lo ;) said...

Good luck with your tests!!!
I know you will do well, you are one smart Ducky! ;)
Can't wait to see you around again. *Big Hugs*