November 29, 2007

First letter of your name meme

Thanks Mama Pajama for the tag! The rules of this are simple: just use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. They have to be real answers though, nothing made up and you can't use your own name as an answer. Here is my list with the letter M for Michelle. :)

  1. Famous Singer: Manilow, Barry
  2. Four Letter Word: Mine
  3. Street: Moore
  4. Color: Magna
  5. Gifts/Presents: Money
  6. Vehicles: Mazda
  7. Things In A Souvenir Shop: Mugs
  8. Boy Name: Michael
  9. Girl Name: Mikayla
  10. Movie Title: Mission Impossible
  11. Drink: Mango smoothie
  12. Occupation: Marine biologist
  13. Celebrity: Mickey Mouse
  14. Magazine:n Popular Mechanics
  15. U.S. City: Milwaukee
  16. Pro Sports: Miami Heat
  17. Fruit: Melon
  18. Reason For Being Late For Work: Moody
  19. Something You Throw Away: Men (kidding!!) Maps
  20. Something You Shout: Mail!! (I think I get too excited about this one)
If you haven't done this meme and would like to, feel free!

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