October 09, 2007

Woman to Woman: Book Review

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The most recent book I read was by Richard Paul Evans called Finding Noel. I kept hearing so many great reviews that I just had to jump on the bandwagon. My friend Kara loaned me her copy from the library and I dug right in. It had been awhile since I'd last read a book start to finish, but like all of Richard Paul Evans books, I couldn't put this one down. I even read it while I was in class, but don't tell my teacher. ;)

The story is about Mark Smart who feels like he's at the end of his rope. During a blizzard his car dies and he ends up meeting Macy Wood at a cafe. They eventually become more than friends as they try to work through family problems. Just when you think things are going smoothly for them, something else pops up.

This is an easy read and won't take long to finish. I loved it and have put it on my must have list of books. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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ellen b said...

thanks for the great review and I'll keep my eye out for it...

Morning Glory said...

Great review and it sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for joining in today.

Angela said...

What a nice review of the book Finding Noel. I haven't heard of this before however, with your review today this one is a must!

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderul week filled with love and laughter!

Leilani said...

Ah, you leave us in suspense! Thanks for sharing!