October 21, 2007

Save space

I was over at a neighbor’s the other day and she showed me that they put a board up over their stove. This freed up a lot of counter space and I loved the idea. So yesterday my husband put a shelf up above our stove and it’s so nice! We don’t have a utility cart for our microwave, so we put that up along with our sharp knives and the toaster. I would have never thought unless my friend showed me. It’s a great space saver!


C Jane said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Lovely blog you have here. :)

Qtpies7 said...

I wish I had space to do that. It would eliminate the microwave incidents. However, I have no wall space in my kitchen.

For the record, my crack chicken is cocaine crack, not butt crack, lol. Very addictive, not gross. And I'm making it tonight. Yumm!

I got the Grey Poupon for being a BzzAgent and telling people about it. The recipe makes it so easy! If you are interested in doing stuff like that I can send you a link.

Jen said...

I think I'd have a fire if I did that. What do you do about your light and vent?

Rich said...

there is no light or vent above the stove just the cabinet. it looks like there would be a space for one.