October 01, 2007

It's just Zesty

Just the other day I was remembering the old commercials for the Zest soap. Do you remember the phrase "Zestfully clean!" and the towel? At the time, the catch phrase sounded really tacky but you remembered it and bought it. Or those darn Head On commercials which are incredibly annoying but we remember them.

The point I'm getting at, is that some times tacky is good, and memorable. PayPerPost as you all know, is a company that I work with to do online advertising. They are coming out with this huge overhaul called Argus. As part of the monumental change, they are wanting to change their domain name too. Of the five options, my first choice is tremblor.com (referring to an online visibility shockwave as it was put) and coming in at a close second is wompow.com (meaning word of mouth advertising and how powerful that is).

I chose tremblor.com because yes, it is tacky, but it's also easy to remember. (Not to mention looking at the Argus symbol makes you want to tremble. lol) Other companies should be trembling in their boots because PayPerPost isn't going anywhere. They're only getting better and people will stay with them no matter what name they choose. So good luck guys!

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