September 22, 2007

A quick quack

What do you do when you have a blah moment? Right now I'm having that kind of moment and I'm trying to decide what to do. I could work on more homework. I could start packing. I could clean my stove. I could take a bath. I could eat some yummy sherbet. Actually, I think I will eat some sherbet. Then maybe take a bath. Then work on homework. The rest I can do another day. lol


Natalie said...

When I have a blah moment I search the internet or read a magazine. LOL!

You asked a question about Smorty. I just started it so I haven't been paid yet. Just like payperpost they pay you for your first entry, which is the one on my blog. I'm having trouble doing anything for them because I've either already done the opp on PPP or they want a blog with it's own domain, no blogspot. They want PR 2 blogs or higher, which mine is, but I have a blogspot. I'll stay with them for awhile to see if I can do anything. But if nothing else I'll get paid for that first post. I've noticed a lot of people doing it lately and decided to sign up when this girl Lori did on a coyboy's wife. She does tons of these online paid blogging things.

Kate said...

I think it's important when we have those blah moments to take a little time to recharge our batteries . . . that's usually why *I* end up feeling blah at least . . . I'm not taking care of ME!
I hope your sherbet and bath were relaxing and enabled you to get back to the business at hand! :)

Qtpies7 said...

Have some extra sherbert for me, please!

Stacey said...

I *heart* sherbet.