August 18, 2007

Things you shouldn't say around...

I was tagged by Kara for this new meme. The rules are to fill in the [blank] to this: "things you shouldn't say around [blank]." Come up with 8 of those phrases then tag 5 people to do it too. So...

Things You Shouldn't Say Around a Potty-Training 2 Year Old:

1. "You have a little bum that's why you use the potty seat." Their response (usually in public) will be "oh, so I have a little bum for the little seat and YOU have a BIG bum for the BIG seat!"

2. "I don't want you to pee in your underwear." Their response (usually out in public), "mommy I don't want to pee in my underwear hurry!"

3. "Look you pooped like a big girl!" Their response will be to repeatedly check the toilet for poop and they will have to look at it before they flush.

4. "Are you sure you don't have to poop too?" Their response will be to yell (usually in a public restroom), "I POOPED!"

5. "Look at the cute new underwear I bought for you." Their response (usually in public), "I'm wearing my new BIG girl underwear!"

6. Don't change the lyrics to the potty song "I went pot-ty, I went pot-ty, like...a...Big...GIRL!" to something like "I went pot-ty, I went pot-ty, like...a...big...elephant right?" Their response to you while you're going potty, "you went pot-ty, you went pot-ty, like a big monkey!"

7. "Now after you go potty, you need to wipe your bum off, then flush the toilet, then wash your hands." Their response to you while going potty, "now wipe your bum off, flush the toilet, now wash your hands, good girl."

8. "Sometimes you have to push to get poop out." Their response (with a red face), "mommy I'm pushing really hard to poop!"

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Kara said...

LOL, especially at #1, kids are crazy :D They sure do like to embarrass us in public

Stacey said...

LOL! My "favorite" bathroom moment was when Josh answered the phone and said,"my mom can't talk right now,she's pooping." Brianna likes to praise me.."way to go mom,you are a big girl for going on the potty! don't forget to wipe and flush!"

Jen-(Mimo) said...

ROFL, I have kids like Stacey.

Mama Pajama said...

Very funny! LOL