August 06, 2007

Monday Movie Review

It's been awhile since I've done my movie review, so there are many to browse through this time around. I love having a free subscription. :)

"If Only" - I liked this movie. Mainly it was about a guy and a girl who were dating, but the girl was more committed to the relationship. The girl gets into a car wreck and dies but the guy gets the chance to relive that day and make changes. I love the transformation that took place with this guy. I should warn you, the ending is not a "and they lived happily ever after" but it was still a good movie. I give it 4 stars.

"Rocky Balboa" - My first mistake with this movie was expecting it to be like the rest. It was good in it's own way. I like how it tied all of the other Rocky movies together and how it ended. I even liked this movie better than "Rocky V." 4 stars

"Bridge to Terabithia" - Spouse and I watched this movie in the theater, but we rented it again for our neighbors. Really good show but don't expect it to be like "Narnia." 4 stars

"Jane Eyre" - I found this movie to be a little dark and creepy. With child neglect and their harsh conditions, it makes you want to cry. But the girl Jane, does overcome and tries to make her life better. She works for a gentlemen whom she falls in love with but he has a dark past and she ends up leaving for awhile. It was an ok movie, but a little too "dark" for me. 2 stars

"The Italian Job" - I've seen this before but Spouse had not. We both really liked it minus the language. I love how it ended. 4 stars

"Stomp the Yard" - Did not like this movie mainly due to the language. We watched it with a friend and we turned it off not even 30 minutes into it. 1 star

"Sabrina" - This was SO good! I didn't like some of the side topics but the rest of the movie was really good. LOVED the ending. 5 stars

"Zathura" - This movie ended up being better than I thought. Many similarities to Jumanji but with it's own twists. 3 stars

"Brother Bear 2" - Another movie I need to add to my collection. This was really cute and the ending was perfect, although expected. :) 5 stars

"Zoom: Academy for Superhereos" - This movie started out well but by the time the end rolled around you were left hanging. What's the point of making a movie about superheroes who finally go into battle but the battle only lasts 5 minutes? In other words, the ending was lame. 2 stars

"Short Circuit" - I remember watching this movie when I was younger, but I didn't remember all the awful language. I love how clever Number Five is lol. 2 stars

"Buddy" - When I picked this movie I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. A lady takes in all of these animals and gives them a home in her home. She ends up rescuing a gorilla and the rest of the movie goes through their story. What amazes me about this film is that it's based on a true story. It was a good watch. 3 stars


Kara said...

I like reading your reviews :D Gives me an idea of stuff to watch. I don't remember Short Circuit having lots of language either, but I haven't seen it in a long time.

Lorie said...

I've watched a lot of those movies and liked a lot. My twins loved Zithura, it got really bad reviews, but we bought it for like 6 bucks at Walmart and my kids will sit all the way through it!

Lorie said...

Zathura, I mean lol it is time for me to go to bed!