April 12, 2010

Well ba-hum-bug!

Past: A few weeks ago one of my daughters got this rash, mainly on her torso. It only lasted a few days and I thought it was perhaps because of her eczema. Then a week later another one of my other daughters got the same rash, except that hers was worse. It started out on her chest, arms, and face. It was definitely more noticeable than her sister's and after almost a week it spread to her hands, legs, and feet. I took her into the doctor and was told they have been seeing other kids come in with the same rash and they had no idea what it was or where it came from. Where my daughter didn't have any other symptoms, like a fever, they said to keep an eye on it and it should go away in time. Took two weeks, but it did go away.

Current: Guess who now has the same rash? Moi. Guess how happy I am? Not very. It's not because I HAVE the rash, it's because I have to miss work (my clinical affiliation) because of the rash. Actually, I don't. Well, sort of. It's confusing. The doctor I saw today said I *could* go to work, but since I work with kids to not do anything hands on and to stay 3-6 feet away. That's not very realistic with my job because a lot of the kids I see are in their home or in school which means close quarters. Not to mention I ride in the same car as my boss and she doesn't want the rash. Needless to say, my boss told me not to come in for the time being.

Future: What does this mean? This means, if I miss too many days from work I have to make them up. What does that mean? I work 4-10 hour shifts. To make up days I'd have to work one more day a week and the weekends. And if I can't squeeze in all the missed time that way, that means I won't graduate on time and I'll have to work into the summer. Ask me how thrilled I am about possibly extending into the summer? Not very. I'm hoping and praying this thing goes away soon because I really really want to graduate on time. I hope it all works out!


Ryan and Leah said...

Ah, that stinks! I am sorry, hope that it goes away soon for you!

Beth said...

Oh no; not good at all! I'm sorry!! :-(

Chelsie said...

Hey Michelle,

I get on and read your blog now and then! (I just read your post a few posts down that asked who else read your blog.) If you do start a private blog (or have already started one) I would love to read it if you don't mind!

I hope your rash is better and that you don't have to extend into the summer, that would be a total bummer!