December 27, 2009

A wonderful Christmas

This year's Christmas season has probably been my favorite. It may be a combination of things, the girls getting older and hubby and I settling into family traditions. Spouse did a great job with all the decorations, inside and out. It was the first year he really went all out on our decorations outside. Also this year was the first time we had matching decorations. I've always wanted to buy one of those decorations sets that came with everything you needed to decorate a tree. We'd never been able to find one we liked until this season and we went with red and gold. I love it so much that I can't stop looking at our tree and admiring it!

The girls are older and have really been into the Christmas season. They alone have truly made this holiday special for me. The light in their eyes, their excitement, their joy. All of it makes me feel so good inside. There's something precious about holidays when you have little ones to share them with. This was the first year we let the girls help wrap presents. Of course they wrapped for each other and for mom and dad. They were so cute trying to keep the presents a surprise! I think we'll keep doing that, have them help us wrap some of the gifts.

Add that to our other traditions. We do the traditional open one present on Christmas Eve, which is new PJ's, then after dinner go see Christmas lights, then read the Christmas story before bedtime. We also do a foot of the bed present. This one incorporates a tradition from both my husband's family and mine. We place a box at the foot of everyone's bed and in the morning they get to open it. Inside is one present and a note. The present they get to immediately open and the note is the start of a treasure hunt to find a second gift. The girls received a CTR ring in their box and at the end of their hunt they received necklaces with their birthstones on them. They loved both!

Other traditions include the number of presents we give. Everyone gets three presents under the tree, representative of the three gifts given to the baby Jesus from the Wise Men. Then for stocking stuffers, they're usually dollar store gifts and everyone gets one get from every other member of the family along with some candy and an orange in the toe.

Then a new tradition we might start doing is Christmas breakfast. I wanted something different than just cereal or pancakes so I thought instead, we could have scones and fruit. Nothing fancy, but we've never made scones before and they sounded delicious this year! So we may continue to do that. (Thanks Jen for the idea on how to make them the easy way, they were divine!)

So, that pretty much sums up our wonderful holiday! I have loved this year so much and I look forward to the ones that will come. I love my family more than I could ever put into words. I'm so grateful for the Savior's birth and what He has done for all mankind. We all are truly blessed!


Peterson Family said...

Your Christmas sounds like it was so special. I love your Christmas traditions, especially the three gifts under the tree to symbolize the three gifts given to the Savior. I want to start traditions that help us focus on what it is all really about. I'm glad you had such a special Christmas with your sweet little family!

Anonymous said...

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