December 12, 2009

Snow, lights, and treats oh my!

We had snow, seen plenty of lots, and have made lots of yummy holiday treats! We full on into the Christmas spirit and love every minute. We recently made a ton of Christmas sugar cookies and let the girls decorate them. Then we put them all on ten plates to give to those people in our ward that we home teach and visit teach. Five went to my husband's families and five went to the sisters I visit. The girls had a blast making them and everyone enjoyed receiving them. There was one lady I visited that I forgot she was going on a diet. I don't know if she had a diet pill review about how to lose weight or what she's doing, but I felt bad for forgetting and taking her cookies. She didn't mind of course and told me it was a bad time of year to diet anyway. I'm glad it worked out ok! It was a lot of fun to do!

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