December 26, 2009

Same old, same old

Do you ever feel like you do the same thing day in and day out? I've been feeling that way a lot recently. So, in order to spruce up my days, I'll try to change one of my daily activities to a different time of day. Sounds kind of strange, but for me, it helps! For instance, I usually take my meds right before I go to bed. Don't read that wrong, I take good meds, I don't need to be in any drug rehab program, I know the ill effects that come with drug use. No, everything I take is for this pregnancy. A prenatal vitamin, an iron supplement, and B6 and Unisom. I take them at night because my body seems to tolerate them better that way. But sometimes, I'll take them after I eat dinner, just to be different. Hey, when you get stuck doing the same routine day in and day out, even the slightest change can make a world of difference!

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