September 23, 2009

Since we're on the subject

My last two posts have been pregnancy related, so why not this one too. :) I was just thinking about my skin and the changes that it goes through when I'm pregnant. The biggest thing is my stomach. Sadly, I don't get one of those cute, round, belly button poking out preggo tummies. Rather, because I already have a tummy pre-pregnancy, mine tends to be more elongated and my belly button never pops out. But hey, I'm grateful to be pregnant so I can't complain. Another thing with changes in my skin is that my acne gets worse early in pregnancy. I don't use any acne treatments but the thought has crossed my mind because with this pregnancy, my acne has been horrible. The week or two there seems to be an improvement, so I'm hopeful it's on the rebound. Skin changes are to be expected, just some of those things women go through when caring a wonderful gift! :)

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Jill said...

Michelle, a big congrats on the pregnancy! I haven't been great about keeping up lately, so I just found out...sorry! I'm so excited for you, I know this has been long awaited so I was ecstatic to hear the news! My belly is the same way, belly button doesn't pop out till the end even though I get huge. And I got bad acne doc gave me a prescription for some stuff that works really well and is safe to use during pregnancy. I can't remember the name but try asking your doctor. Anyways, hope things are going well...and CONGRATS!