July 22, 2009

Love to learn

I love to learn, my husband loves to learn, and our children love to learn. What are we doing? Well, hubby and I are in school and our girls, we teach them things everyday along with doing some preschool work at home. But as we go through our schooling, we see how interested our children are in doing their own homework. A few years ago, I tried to do my own preschool with a friend. After awhile it ended up just being her kids and mine but our kids loved it. I think my girls might love going to an actual preschool so I've been looking around for one, but as of yet, haven't had any luck. If I can't find anything I think we'll just keep doing what we are. I may even do some upgrades and get specific preschool furniture and more books to work on. I think having a specific area and specific books/activities to do just for preschool will make it more fun for our children. We'll see how it goes what ever happens!

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