July 26, 2009

I wonder

I have days where I wonder if my blog is worth reading. Then I have other days where I'm glad not many people DO read my blog. Heck, there are days when even I don't want to look at it lol! I just haven't had the time or energy to devote a lot of time here and with school starting again in a month, I don't think I'll have any more free time. But, I like having a blog and I like when I come up with fun things to post about. If more ideas popped into my head that were fun and creative and I posted on a regular basis, I think I'd look into signing up for a free directory which would get my website indexed and allow people to find it in a search engine. Of course a lot of things would have to change, but it's a nice thing to think about. For now, I'm ok. :)


Kara said...

I often wonder if it's worth keeping my blog around. I sometimes go a week or two without posting now because I just don't have time to come up with something good to say :)

Jen said...

I do visit your blog every so often! For a while you dind't blog so I got out of the habit of visiting, but ... like today... somedays I remember :)
Keep the blog!!!