July 30, 2009

Fun fiddle-faddle Friday

I haven't done one of these in awhile but I'm jumping back on the bandwagon! This week's trivia should be fun trying to figure out. Good luck and remember to guess, not cheat. Come back to this post to see the answer and the winner!

Which of the answers below, is true?

A. The human brain uses 25% of your body's energy. (Only 20%)
B. A newborn baby's brain grows almost 4 times during the first year. (Only 3 times)
C. The brain generates about 75,000 thoughts a day. (Only 70,000)
D. The brain generates enough power to light a lightbulb. - CORRECT! Isn't that cool?!

No winner this week but thanks for playing! More to come. :)


Rich said...

B. is my guess

Beth said...

These are always guesses for me -- I never KNOW them, that's for sure! I'm guessing C.

Jen said...

Ok, who ever counted thoughts, did not count from my brain ;) amd they did not watch my kids big monster mellon heads grow :)