March 24, 2008

It's been a long week

And it's only Monday! We're on Spring break and should be relaxing, but instead, I'm stressing.

First, I have an awful stomach ache, which could probably be remedied with some Pepto-Bismol and a nap, I hope.

Second, my husband's job messed up his schedule this week and if he can't fix it, we can't go on our vacation. We need a vacation badly and I pray they work this out.

Third, I sort of got accepted in my major for this Fall. They accepted me but I'm on their alternate list. I won't know for sure if I got in until a week prior to Fall classes, in August. Not knowing messes up somethings.

Lastly, Miss J starts soccer this week. We were planning our vacation to start after her first practice and returning home before her first game. But, we just found out we have a family baby blessing/bbq this weekend which conflicts.

So here I sit, trying to figure it out. Happy Monday to me. lol

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Kara said...

I hope his schedule can get worked out so get to have your vacation. That's cool you kind of got accepted to your major, I hope everything works out for that. And that's fun Miss J starts soccer this week! I keep meaning to look into it for Jason but always forget, I better check on that before it's too late.