March 22, 2008

Hello bloggy friends

Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on us. This past week has been good and crazy. I can't believe it's Saturday already! The girls went to two Easter egg hunts and now have enough candy to last until next Easter. lol The first egg hunt was one that we put on every year for our apartment complex. After the hunt, we put out a bubble blower and chalk and the kids loved it. Our second, and last, egg hunt was this morning with our church. Only 12 kids came to pick up, get this, 600 eggs! I won't be buying more candy anytime soon. :P I went running with my SIL today which I hope helped to burn all the extra calories. (Who's idea was it to have Easter candy around the holiday I'm trying to lose weight? lol)

Along with some extra babysitting, a temple trip yesterday, and time spent with family, that was our week. Busy, but a lot of fun. :)


Kara said...

Wow, 600 eggs for 12 kids?! That is a ton lol :) We went to the city one here and the kids got about 5 eggs each, with just cheap little dumb toys, hardly any candy. Good thing we got plenty of candy for our own egg hunt tomorrow :)

Ginabear said...

Thats some crazy egg hunt! I only hid 12 for my kids. They will be bouncin like bunnies with all the candy though. Hope you have an awesome Easter my friend!!

Kate said...

busy, fun weeks are the best! Hope the next one is just as good! *hugs*