February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day love

My holiday started a bit early, just after 6am, and then I headed to school for a math test. What kind of Valentine's Day present is a test, let alone a math test? :P But it's over and the day has been a good one. The girls received some Valentine's from friends and family and we gave them two new computer games. I gave hubby Risk 2210, his favorite game, and he gave me a beautiful necklace.

I think this has been my favorite Valentine's Day. Not because I received jewelry, which was a lovely surprise, but because we didn't get all stressed about it. We enjoyed things as they came and we're all happy. It's been a good day. How was your day?

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Beth said...

Hope your math test went all right, and hope they are at least giving you a break for President's Day if not for Valentine's. ;-)