November 23, 2007

My Black Friday experience

I'm thankful my mom has been able to stay with us because she stayed with the girls this morning so hubby and I could go shopping. Getting up at four wasn't particularly fun, but running around was! We headed to Wal-Mart first and didn't find what we wanted so we ran over to Shopko. There were three huge lines outside but after only waiting 10 minutes for the doors to open we got through pretty quick. You should have seen us running to the back of the store. At one point I was behind a woman who was casually walking in. Who on earth casually walks around on Black Friday??

Anyway, we found the few items we needed and managed to get through checkout all in less than 10 minutes. Then back to Wal-Mart to pick up a few more things. The lines there were much longer but not terrible.

Our best deals included a vacuum for $25 (pray it doesn't fall apart because it was so cheap), a board game for $2, and a 100 piece potato head set for $10. It was loads of fun and we saved a lot of money! Did anyone else go bright and early this morning?

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Natalie said...

I'm jealous! I wanted to go shopping, but I'm more than an hour from a WalMart and hours from malls. Sigh...glad you got some great bargains!