October 29, 2007

Why did it have to be a cute rat?

I thought we were looking at cadavers today. No, we ended up with rats and their uterus. Joy. I didn't even know that rats could be cute, but the ones today were. I loved that my teacher said they were euthanized right before class. Joy. He then proceeded to walk over to my group and hand me the rat. He was to my right and I was leaning as far left as I possibly could go. Are you kidding me?? There's no way I could dissect anything that used to be living! Ugh. I quickly handed the fluffy rat over to a classmate. Cutting through the skin and the cutting out of the uterus made my stomach curl. And what was the whole point of this lab you ask? The uterus is a smooth muscle and we were testing to see how it reacted to having drugs in it's system. Pure joy. I *think* today was the last time we looked at something dead, at least I hope so. If not, be sure to check back next Monday to see what else we've done. I know how much everyone loves reading about my anatomy and physiology lab activities. lol


Jen said...

Awwww yuck! Poor Ducky. I feel so bad for you to have to go through this.
When I worked at the casket company we would have once a year a school that was teaching people to be morticians do a tour of our business for their students.
They found it quite interesting to watch us make the caskets, and I found it quite interesting the normal looking people that actually CHOSE and WANTED to be morticians.... very ordinary and attractive people. That surprised me. LOL. I guess I expected people who wanted to do that to look a bit more ... scary, disturbed, freaky.

Ginabear said...

I hate to laugh at this but its funny and I can only imagine your face! I would totally love to do what you are doing. Maybe I should do that instead?? Just call me Igor! I hope it goes fast for you!

Mama Pajama said...

When my roommate was taking Anat. and Phys. at TXA&M, she made me come with her to see her "dog"....I'll never be able to get that smell or that image out of my head!